1. M PAWER - BALLIN M-Pawer 2:12
  2. KODO LAYLA FIN M-Pawer 2:49
  3. M Power - wav 3:22

Long the trip,

Took a boat from Spain to Morocco with my girlfriend and my dog, my girlfriend went back to Portugal and I hitched through Morocco, hustling and performing music, stopped at Tangier, Marrakesh, Agadir, feel sick in Western Sahara, Dakkah and stayed with some Moroccans till I was better, was incredible seeing sand taller than skyscrapers, and people living in the desert with nothing even water is a problem. Arrive in Dakkah don’t see many tourists, after headed to the Mauritanian border, I walked across a no man’s land between the two countries, following tire tracks because I was told there are old land mines left there. Got a car to Nouadhibou then too Nouakchott found a half build building to sleep in. The next day went to try to get help from the embassy they said we’re a consulate and can’t help me. A Mauritanian man found me in the park, after finding out Abit about me he drove me to eat rice and fish, drove me to the garage, and paid one ticket for me one for my dog to Senegal I thanked him in Arabic and left. In Rosso border Mauritania and Senegal I met a smuggler who invited me to stay at his house we ate with his wife then drank and smoked with his brother, in the morning one of his other brothers help me cross to Senegal, then demanded a lot of money I stopped to like him and gave him small. Spend 4 days in St Louis then got the bus to Dakar my dog went with the bags underneath the coach, I slept outside in Dakar main garage, in the morning got a bus to the Gambia, the border police at the Gambia tried to take money from me I only had small so could only give then small. On my way to the capital Banjul I met a man on the ferry who invited me to stay his house in the city after a nice few days I went to the bush to meet my contact there. Then the real job started, as I met artists promoters, made collaborations did two tours of Gambia and Senegal, all the time hanging out with tribes and learning local languages. Now working on a dancehall EP to take to the world!

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Ballin M-Pawer

Ballin – M-Pawer

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