1. Recognize 4:31
  2. My Style 4:08
  3. Greazy 4:28

Klotrax Modez of Vibration resident,

Since gracing the turntable movement for himself back in 2006 and learning how to mix on vinyl on a set of 1210’s, Klotrax was born. Klotrax ventured out to venues in the local area of Peterborough and came across an underground club called Cafe24/AJ’s Bar. From here the journey began with mixing out to the club environments. Featured to mix as resident on events called Atomic & BodyBag to performing on Organic Sounds Festival to Dirty Dubz Productions. From 2009 the journey into music production started where studies took place at PRC for a Music Tech level 3. Many years gone by making and creating soundscapes while mixing the odd event ere n there at my locals. From 2019 Featured guests upon Rough Tempos Jumped Up Audio.



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